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Would You Lie To Close a Sale? — Part 2

In one of my previous posts, “Would You Lie To Close a Sale,” I expressed how you’ll never know what your competition is doing to close a sale. Well, since almost all the competition is flooding social media, we are witnessing (very clearly) what they would do in order to close a sale. For the sake of not occupying too much time, and keeping with the format of a light-read (toilet read), here we go.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a world in which business has gone almost completely digital. It’s 2020, so welcome to those businesses that were somehow thriving in a different era. People are marketing their business online, the NFL Draft was virtual, and nearly all education is now “distance-learning.” Yeah, it’s bizarre, right? Thankfully, I’m sitting at home most of the time playing preschool teacher and being a teleworker. It’s time I’ll never get back and it’s a nice break from being away from home, despite the chaos and uncertainty happening in the media and across the world. I also have time to witness some of the atrocious social media posts that individuals and businesses are publishing during these turbulent times. Honestly, it’s just trashy.

What would your competition do in order to close a sale? Lie to consumers. Make false claims. Leverage a pandemic for their financial gain. Use gimmicks, trashy schemes, social media influencers, misleading journalism, and any other tactic in order to incite panic-buying and drive sales. Like I said, it’s trashy. It’s downright disgusting. Everywhere I look, someone is pushing products or making sketchy claims in order to prey on the vulnerable. People who are only vulnerable due to this pandemic. If you’re not one of those vultures, good on you. We call that “integrity” and it more than likely inclines that you are morally/ethically sound. I’m proud of you. Well, I’m not actually proud of you. Sounds like you’re a decent human being. You should, however, be proud of yourself for not falling victim to the desire that lies in incentivizing a pandemic.

The current situation has created some transparency in the fact that you’re seeing how businesses market themselves more than you typically would. Everything is online. Those businesses, or individuals, are doing what they would normally do behind closed doors. Except, now it’s out in the open. My two cents? Not that they’re even worth that much — but take the high road. If you want to ignore your moral compass, choose deceit, and ally yourself with poor choices in order to make a buck: you’ll never come back from that.

I guess I could have just opened with “don’t be a piece of sh*t,” but I thought to wander my way through an explanation was somehow more eloquent.

(It really wasn’t. It explained what a “piece of sh*t” is. You’re welcome for the elaborate definition).


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