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Save The Drama For Your Personal Life

Keep your drama at home. I’ve always been a huge proponent of leaving your personal life at the door when you step out to work. The same being said regarding leaving work in the office when you head home. I’m far from ignorant, so I get it, sometimes you bring some work home to finish on the weekend or you go to work in a distressed state because of an argument at home. Check. Got it. Dude, we are human. This sh*t happens. The real issue is when people bring their personal issues with coworkers into the workplace.

What is the most toxic experience within the workplace? Coworkers, whether peers or supervisors, bringing their personal beef to the professional setting. The drama that ensues, combined with the emotional strain it causes those around said people, can hinder team performance. Not to mention, people choose sides (or are forced to choose sides), they get stuck in between damaging arguments, or these innocent coworkers suffer the consequences of traumatic fallouts in dramatic fashion.

simpleminded” or sim·ple-mind·ed [adjective]

1) free of deceit or guile; artless or unsophisticated.
2) lacking in mental acuteness or sense.
3) mentally deficient.

Why does it happen? I believe these simpleminded people forget where the line is drawn. Work happens at work, the rest of your personal life happens at home. Simple thought process that takes far more effort than some are willing to put forth. Typically, Coworker A has beef with Coworker B due to some personal conflict or professional disagreement that was made personal. What a shame, right? Both of them can’t put it behind them, settle their beef, or prioritize the performance of the team over their childish behavior. Do they? Most of the time, nope.

What should you do if you are the victim of a toxic work environment due to your coworker’s drama? CALL THEM OUT ON IT! Hell, even if you are not the victim but it is creating a distraction or impeding the performance of the team – call them out on it. Sitting idly by and watching the drama ensue implies, in my eyes, that you are a part of the problem. Pull them aside, let them know how you feel it is impacting the office, and make it known that it is unacceptable. Should office politics get in the way, tell each of the involved parties individually and then make sure you provide them a recommendation.

Feel they won’t take you seriously? Afford them the opportunity to fix the issue, or keep it out of the workplace, and provide them with the alternative: you will make your supervisors aware. So many people are afraid of approaching someone to call them out on their bullsh*t, but you might find that it actually works. Odds are, nobody has approached the toxic individuals about their conflict.

Bottom line? Beef between coworkers is inevitable (we get it, you hate the person because they suck at whatever it is you are all in your feelings about). Just keep it out of the office. Or, be an adult, make some adult decisions, and squash your beef. Whether you reconcile your differences or continue your grudge, it should never invade the workplace and inflict undue hardship amongst your team.


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