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Lazy Coworkers Suck!

Yep. They can go to hell. Oh wow, “that is so harsh.” Hmm… nah, it is the truth. If you are wildly offended by the aforementioned statement – I hate to break it to you: you are probably the lazy coworker in your office.

If you aren’t the lazy one, then you know which coworkers I am referring to. They show up to earn a paycheck. They hardly put forth an effort, barely carry their own weight, and their work usually requires re-work. I f*cking despise it.

10% of people do 90% of the work.

– a realistic, fake statistic I utilize to sum up the office environment

10% of the people… is that accurate? Think about it. Look around your office? Of the number of people you work with, how many of them give 100% of their effort? How many of them show up early (or on time for that matter)? How many of them stay late, or at least until the job is done? How many of them add value instead of occupying space? The number of people you can name within your department is probably in the single digits. That is bullsh*t, right?

Maybe my view is skewed because I am in the military. We don’t necessarily “fire” people for lack of performance. Typically, they just have a difficult time promoting. Not always the case since some turds filter up the ranks, but that is an entirely different discussion. Regardless, I expect everyone to pull their own weight. Sure, life gets in the way, we are all human, and sometimes we have to pass the torch. Just not repeatedly like an Olympic flame lighting ceremony. Pass your responsibilities and take them back when your head is above water again. Weird concept, huh? I know there are a plethora of lazy coworkers plaguing offices in every profession – why?!?

Why is it socially acceptable to be mediocre? I think about my career and all of those lackluster, mediocre, lazy clowns that slide on by. It makes me furious. Is it because I care? Take pride in my work? Feel obligated to do my part? Who knows. Have you ever confronted a coworker about their lackadaisical work ethic? I have and I was never surprised by their response. Most people are taken back and appear to be offended. They aren’t actually, they know they’re a turd. My aggravation increases when they are confronted, called out, and are content with their contributions (or lack thereof).

What about the coworker that is confronted about their laziness and makes a change for the better? Congratulations. Someone was brutally honest with them. That person deserves a pat on the back. The slacker that adjusted their heading back to true north deserves acknowledgment, but not recognition. Otherwise, you are contributing to the participation trophy, hand-holding methods adopted throughout society.

I can’t stand a bum that doesn’t pull their weight. I prefer to be surrounded by sled dogs. Sled dog is a term of endearment we utilize to recognize a person that pulls more than their weight. They aren’t lazy, they don’t allow other people to carry their weight, and they seek responsibility. We could all use a few more sled dogs in our offices.

To those of you that resemble the sled dog in your work ethic: thank you for doing your part.

To those of you that are comfortable with being a P.O.S. and have someone following behind you picking up your slack: you suck.


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